Save the Archives

Save the Archives Film Festival 2019!

After last year's success, the Moving Image Society is hosting its second "Save the Archives" benefit festival! In line with our ongoing programming efforts, we want to provoke discussion about the place of analog media, archives, and their preservation in a digital world. Over the course of two days, we will screen 32 films from 11 countries made on or using "obsolete media" (analog video, small-gauge celluloid film like 8mm and 16mm), and found footage and archival films. This year's festival will be hosted in the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Fine Arts Cinema (Mitchell Hall B91) and Union Cinema, and is free and open to everyone.

The festival's fundraising benefits the UWM Film Studies Archive, which holds a mix of over 250 cinema classics and orphan films as well as 12,000 slides between its collections. We are currently in the process of digitizing and rehousing these films to appropriate archival storage. Your donations will help us in our efforts, and ensure the continued life of our collections, which we are working to make accessible to artists and researchers alike.

Saturday, September 28:

7:00pm shorts program (Fine Arts Cinema)

'Are You My Mother?', Jack Furtado (6min, USA, 2018)

For All Audiences, Josh Weissbach (3min, USA, 2018)
Let's Look at Florida, Hogan Seidel and A. Justice (6min, USA, 2018)
Astrology, Brittany Gravely (3min, USA, 2018)
The Last Skate, Sandy McLennan (5min, Canada, 2018)
Travelogue Vengeance, Stephen Wardell (6min, USA, 2019)
I Am Learning to Abandon the World, A. Moon (10min, USA, 2016)
'Are You My Mother?', Jack Furtado (6min, USA, 2018)
Ubuyu (First Bath), Michael Lyons (6min, Japan, 2015)
We Share Ourselves With You, Max Wildenhaus (7min, USA, 2019)
Temple of Truth, Giuseppe Boccassini (16min, USA, 2018)

8:30pm feature (Fine Arts Cinema)

From the Archives of the Red Cross, Mike Hoolboom (70min, Canada, 2017)

From the Archives of the Red Cross, Mike Hoolboom (70min, Canada, 2017)

Sunday, September 29:

3:00pm shorts program (Fine Arts Cinema)

Foreclosed Home Movie, Lisa Danker (8min, USA, 2018)

Foreclosed Home Movie, Lisa Danker (8min, USA, 2018)
W Grove Rd, Grace Mitchell (7min, USA, 2019)
Past Life (January–June), Charles Cadkin (3min, USA, 2019)
To every bird, its own nest is beautiful, Lorenzo Gattorna (9min, USA/Italy, 2018)
Lu and I, Cal Owens (3min, USA, 2019)
Between Two Sisters, Natasha Woods (3min, USA, 2018)
Deportment, Carolyn Tennant (3min, USA, 2016)
¡PíFIES!, Ignacio Tamarit (4min, Argentina, 2016)
In Between Takes, Alexei Dmitriev (7min, Russia, 2017)
Hel City, Gregorio Méndez (11min, Spain, 2019)

4:30pm feature (Fine Arts Cinema)

Camera Threat, Bernd Lützeler (30min, India/Germany, 2017)

Camera Threat, Bernd Lützeler (30min, India/Germany, 2017)

5:15pm shorts program (Fine Arts Cinema)

The Pit, Jona Gerlach (11min, USA, 2019)

The Pit, Jona Gerlach (11min, USA, 2019)
Driving Dinosaurs, Emma Piper-Burket (9min, USA, 2019)
The Immortality of the Crab, Giacomo Manzotti (2min, Italy, 2019)
Hall of Fishes, Jennifer Boles (9min, USA, 2019)
Scenes from the Periphery, Derek Taylor (3min, USA, 2019)
Gibraltar Point (transformed), Penny McCann (6min, Canada, 2017)
TRiplete PLástico, Ignacio Tamarit (2min, Argentina, 2015)
Run / Fall, Gwendolyn Audrey Foster (5min, USA, 2017)
Those That Tremble as if They Were Mad, Salma Shamel (11min, Egypt/USA, 2018)
AgX: HNO3, Grayson Cooke (11min, Australia, 2014)

7:00pm archival program (Union Cinema)

Orphans program

This curated program will feature a selection of 16mm Orphan films from the UWM Film Studies Archive's various collections. Program TBA.

About the UWM Moving Image Society

The Moving Image Society hosts the UWM Film Studies Archive in partnership with the UWM Film Studies Program and the Center for 21st Century Studies, and has been tasked with preserving these collections and revitalizing them through university and community outreach and programming. Besides our ongoing archival programming efforts, we host workshops and bring guest speakers and visiting artists to campus.